How to determine if LEDs are right for my building?

Green Systems can answer this question for you. Our process is straightforward and will help you determine if LED lighting is right for your application.

  1. We will conduct energy audits to determine your current energy usage and let you know how much you can save.
  2. We will handle the processing of energy rebates.
  3. We provide highly skilled engineers and designers to customize the lighting and will install demos beforehand to ensure lighting quality is what is desired.
  4. We provide financing that allows the project to be paid for through the monetary savings from installing LED lighting.
  5. We provide all installation through certified electrical contractors.

Single Fixture Savings Analysis - T12 Versus LED

Fixture Hours/Year Watts/Lamp Lamp Qty. Lamp kW kWH Energy $/yr
T12 8760 40 1 0.04 350 $35.04
LED 8760 15 1 0.015 131 $13.14
Savings Cost of Fixture Rebate Net Cost Payback
$21.90 $45.00 $10.95 $34.05 $1.55


We offer Energy Efficient Leases which manage the upfront expense of the lighting project by matching payments to expected savings. This structure eliminates the need for a capital expenditure and is accounted for in their current operating budget as an expense.

There are three measurable areas of savings taken into consideration:

  • Reduction of the monthly electric bill
  • Reduction of the cost of bulb replacement
  • Reduction of the overall maintenance costs related to replacing existing bulbs

The Energy Efficient Lease has the following advantages:

  • Positive Cash Flow - Payments can be structured to match savings
  • Rebates - Incentives are maximized from the energy supplier
  • Packaged - The lease can include multiple lighting types and labor
  • Service - Vendor warranty and OEM obligations remain in place
  • Tax Savings - Reduce taxable income by creating energy efficient buildings using the allowable 179D. Additional 5-year depreciation may also apply


  • Multi-Unit Properties
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Parking Decks
  • Municipalities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sporting Complexes
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Restaurant and Banquet Facilities
  • Gas Stations, retail establishments
  • Sign companies
  • Industrial / Factories
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Any building or business that utilizes lighting

LED Benefits

  • 5-year / 50,000 hr warranty
  • Maintenance free
  • Significant energy savings
  • Instant on/off
  • Superior light quality
  • IP66 rated to withstand dust and moisture
  • Polycarbonate glaze
  • No hazardous substances
  • Significantly reduce maintenance cost resulting from replacing failed ballast and lamps.
  • Do not need to warm up.
  • Can be used with motion sensors and dimmers
  • Are Shock and vibration resistant
  • Are Shatterproof
  • Are Recyclable
  • Do Not contain Mercury gases
  • Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures
  • Do Not discolor, flicker or buzz over time.

About Us

Our customers and Prospects all agree that an LED Solution is a wise financial choice for their companies. Green Systems was founded in 2009 to compliment a 20+ year partnership that originated in Capital Leasing.  What sets Green Systems apart from other LED Companies is our ability to offer true TURN-KEY solutions that include Lighting Audits, Customer Design, Distribution, Installation and all-inclusive financing packages that are funded through the energy savings.  Contact us TODAY to schedule your complimentary Energy Audit and to learn more about how LED lighting can help meet your sustainability goals with NO upfront cost.  


  • Women-Owned Business
  • DBE/SBE/EDGE Certified
  • SBE/DBE Certified with  the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission
  • PEP/WBE/SBE Certified with the City of Dayton
  • NEORSD Certifed with Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

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